Getting started with coaching

Things to know about the process


If you are interested in starting a Coaching engagement or simply have questions that aren't answered here, please drop an email to and you'll get a reply as quickly as possible.


All sessions will be conducted via video conference, or alternatively by telephone. In-person sessions require advanced planning. Video software that can be used include Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime on iOS or macOS. If your software is not listed, accommodations can be made to support your preferred video platform.


After the first session, if for whatever reason you decide that Coaching is just not for you, you are under no obligation to continue. Should you decide to continue, then subsequent sessions can be scheduled at the cadence that suits you, between 1 and 4 times a month.


All payments must be made in advance of services being rendered. Payment for the first session is due prior to beginning.

Coaching is not a “quick fix” and an appropriate amount of investment of time to work through the process requires a commitment, both on the part of the client and the coach. After the first session, we will discuss the program to which we will both commit and the investment of time and money that will be required. There is never any arm-twisting, and the decisions are always yours, and yours alone, to make.

Payments may be made via check, cash, ACH deposit, Paypal or any bank "quick pay" system that is compatible with clearXchange, such as Zelle. Additionally, mobile payment apps such as Venmo or Apple Messages may be used. 


You may cancel a session at any time with 24 hours' notice. The best way to do this is via email.


Individual coaching sessions run 45-60 minutes (I don’t watch the clock.) Pricing will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Please contact me for team or group coaching or special requests.