This special offer is available for a limited time. The objective is to provide you with an opportunity to work with a professional coach without making a long-term commitment. The sampler consists of 3 sessions plus an assessment:

  1. Individual introductory session - 45-60 minutes

    This will be our first coaching conversation and it will be our opportunity to explore a bit about your history, some of your foundational values and core beliefs and do a bit of analysis of your current situation. We will also discuss a bit about which assessment we will use for step 2, and the benefits of each. After this session you will receive a link to take the assessment that we decided upon.

  2. Assessment debrief - 60-90 minutes

    This session will be fully dedicated to a thorough analysis of the report that is based on the assessment that you took. We will review the report in full and I will provide you with additional insights based on my tailored analysis. This session may require that you read through part of all of the report before we meet (varies by report) to become familiar with some aspects of it.

  3. Review and planning session - 45-60 minutes

    This will be the final coaching conversation of this series. We will discuss some of your reactions to the assessment results after you’ve had an opportunity to think about them since the prior session. We will then spend most of the remaining session returning to some of what we discussed during our first coaching conversation, but this time we will be able to refer to the assessment results and use them as a bit of a prism, so that you can constructively apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. We’ll talk about next steps you can take to move things forward on your own.

The price for this special, which includes an initial 30 minute consultation call, up to 3.5 hours of dedicated coaching, the assessment and accompanying report(s) is $599. *

You won’t find a package like this elsewhere that is delivered by a professional who is certified both as an executive coach as well as in assessment administration and analysis.

Are you a recent college grad or a person entering the workforce for the first time? Take 20% off!

*There is a $75 surcharge if the assessment decided upon is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


If you’re interested in individual coaching, I suggest that your read about my coaching philosophy to learn more.

I have worked with countless professionals over the years, partnering with them to help figure out priorities, set goals and take action using techniques that actually work!

As your coach, I use my many years of corporate experience along with proven coaching techniques to team up with you and find the best course towards your desired outcome. I rely on time-tested principles and science to help frame your situation, listen, discover and understand. Together, we carefully determine how to proceed in order to get you where you want to be.

Here are just some of the things we could potentially work on together:

  • Defining personal or professional goals and sticking to them.

  • Working with “difficult” colleagues.

  • Learning and trying new personal organization, time management or productivity strategies.

  • Overcoming fears that inhibit taking action. Bolstering confidence.

  • Exploring career options; interview practice; résumé assistance.

  • Meeting commitments and dealing with feeling overwhelmed.

  • Defining success. Learning from failure. Celebrating outcomes regardless.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.


Are you a technology leader who could benefit from the attention, guidance and coaching of an industry veteran? I bring decades of experience in building and leading technology teams to each session.

Together, we work to understand what type of leader you want to be (or what type of leader you are best cut out to be,) and identify specific behaviors that you can incorporate into your daily work environment. “Leaders aren’t born, they’re made,” so whether you’re new to leadership or further along on the ladder, working with a coach can help you learn or hone the skills you need to be successful.

Here are just some of the things we could potentially work on together:

  • “Getting going” in a new role after a promotion.

  • Facilitating process change.

  • Working through structural or management changes at your company.

  • The best ways to build “high performing teams.”

  • Embracing and improving “executive presence.”

  • Hiring the best new team member(s).

  • Working with feedback.

  • Dealing with conflict, motivation or other trouble spots on the team.

  • Defining success. Learning from failure. Celebrating outcomes regardless.

Pricing varies. Contact me for an individualized quote.


This workshop, for up to 15 people, is based on the simple, yet powerful, model presented by management consultant and best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, in his book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” You and your colleagues will learn practical information and strategies that you can put to use immediately and apply on an ongoing basis to become more productive and cohesive as a team.

All workshops are customized based on preparatory conversations between the internal team leader and the coach-facilitator.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.


Take the most widely-used personality assessment in the world - the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You will receive a link that is used to take the assessment online, at your convenience. We will then schedule an up-to 90-minute session to verify your results and walk through the interpretation process together. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss areas that you might want to focus on or develop.

Price: $275


This is the same as MBTI Assessment Step 1, but will also include additional assessment questions from the Step 2 portion. We will spend two sessions - up to 90 minutes each - verifying your type and interpreting your results.

Price: $475



DISC is an assessment that has been taken by more than 50-million people worldwide since it was first introduced in 1972. Like MBTI, DISC is founded on the psychological principles of Carl Jung. Unlike MBTI, though, which assigns each person a 4-letter “type,” DISC measures the proportions of 4 sets of observable behavior categories that we each express. Through understanding our own DISC type as well as those of others, we can examine behavior in specific situations and make adaptations to improve communication and relationships. You will receive a link that is used to take the assessment online, at your convenience. We will then schedule a 90-minute session for the debrief.

Price: $250

Also available as a group workshop. Contact us for details.



Motivators is an assessment that is truly remarkable. Its history began in 1914 with concepts introduced by philosopher Eduard Spranger and was later further developed in the 1950’s by psychologist Gordon Allport. The assessment identifies (7) core dimensions that are present in every person to varying degrees. These dimensions influence purpose and drive in individuals that shape and define that which a person finds valuable, important, good or desirous. It is believed that personality is founded upon people’s values, or basic convictions that they hold about what is and is not of real importance in life. The results of the Motivators assessment, combined with a DISC assessment, is a powerful combination that can elucidate self-awareness to a great extent by looking at a person’s behaviors and finding underlying meaning in what influences them.

Price: $250



The Hartman Value Profile is based on the research of Robert S. Hartman's formal axiology. This unique assessment measures each individual's thinking style. An individual's thinking style is defined by their problem solving strengths, their problem solving struggles and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias. In essence, the HVP assessment measures, with uncanny accuracy, an individual's unique thinking approach and capacity for good judgment. HVP looks at the natural selection process when an individual makes decisions and highlights areas of focus for improvement in such areas as practicality, prioritization, self-regard, role awareness, self-direction and staying on task. It is quite often incorporated into the hiring process to distinguish candidates with good judgment from those who may present more risk. The debrief session can be done with the hiring manager/decision-maker or to whomever the results matter most.

Price: $250


Working with Personality Type: Using the MBTI Assessment to Appreciate Differences

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the most widely-used personality assessment in the world. Participants will receive a link that is used to take the assessment online, at their convenience in advance. The 4-hour workshop leverages participants’ MBTI results in a group setting. It will introduce the Myers-Briggs framework and personality type. The objective is to help participants develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others. The workshop will equip participants to use personality differences constructively to improve personal interactions and team performance through multiple applications. The group will work through several activities that are meant to help participants experience and gain insight into type preferences and complete an action plan to use after the workshop.

4-hour session.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.


Self-awareness and Communication

This workshop guides participants on a path of heightened self-awareness and personal discovery. This workshop can reveal each participant’s unique behavioral style blend and “how to” apply that knowledge prescriptively, boosting communication effectiveness. Studies indicate that 92% of workplace conflict is the result of misunderstanding and communication breakdowns. Entire organizations can apply DISC’s prescriptive lessons of behavioral adaptability to reduce employee conflict and turnover, increase productivity, and optimize team performance.

Available as a full day or two half day session.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.

Transitioning from Peer to Leader

The belief, “employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses” may never pose a greater risk than during times of organizational change, which may include people taking on new leadership responsibilities or roles. Transitioning from Peer to Leader is a workshop tailor-made for participants in transition from individual contributors to leaders - whether it be supervisor, manager or executive. This is an engaging leadership workshop, centered around understanding successful leaders’ many-faceted roles and responsibilities. Participants will be prepared for commonplace social changes, how to circumnavigate employee stressors by employing DISC communication skills, and how to effectively communicate performance objectives. Lastly, participants will receive guidance in developing action plans to apply what they’ve learned. Transitioning from Peer to Leader may begin with a promotion, but it requires far more than just adapting to a new job.

Available as a full-day session. Also available as a half day session for participants who have completed the “Self-awareness and communication” workshop.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.

Trust-based Leadership

Our strongest relationships are rooted in trust. Unsurprisingly, an organization’s most critical relationships exist between its leaders and individual contributors. Participants in this workshop learn to create an environment of leadership influence rooted in trust - through communication, credibility and confidence. Leaders will explore the impact their leadership style has on others, through participatory activities and reviewing practical examples. Learned best-practices include the importance of excellent listening as a leader, creating an environment of accountability and identifying individual versus team needs. By remaining behaviorally conscious of the leadership roles and responsibilities which ultimately foster trusting relationships, organizations can create a working environment that’s fertile for growth, retention and expansion.

Available as a full-day session. Also available as a half day session for participants who have completed the “Self-awareness and communication” workshop.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.

Making Teams Work

Creating and leading highly effective teams is challenging. This workshop will instill participants with the skills, strategies and tools to create teams that gel and excel. During this skill-building course, workshop participants will learn how to assemble teams based on complementary behavioral styles, in order to enhance communication, cooperation and project-based outcomes. Participants will learn how to distinguish among varying workplace attitudes and behaviors, utilizing the remarkably insightful DISC Team Dynamics report. Additionally, participants will learn about “team norms” and emotional intelligence competencies that can make the difference between a team that people are proud to be a part of and a team that spins its wheels and underperforms.

Available as a full-day session. Also available as a half day session for participants who have completed the “Self-awareness and communication” workshop.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.

Applying DISC for Sales Optimization

One of DISC’s most intriguing applications is leveraging its behavioral profiling and adaptability methodology for sales. After all, it’s a well established fact that buyers are more likely to do business with sales professionals they can relate and identify with. In this workshop, anyone involved in the sales function will learn about the basics of DISC: first understanding their own behavioral styles and then how to identify the behavioral styles of others - even within moments of meeting them. Being able to efficiently identify the behavioral styles of others, empowers professionals with the insights to adapt their communicative “selling style”, to meet the communicative “buying style” of their prospect. But as any seasoned sales professional will tell you, winning a new client is really just the beginning of the professional selling process. Building and maintaining your relationships is critical for sustained, reciprocal sales success. So participants will also learn how to strengthen these relationships, in order to transform buyers into brand advocates.

Pricing varies. Contact us for an individualized quote.



This space will be updated with specific offerings around individual coaching, group or team coaching, workshops, assessments and more.