I spent 30 years building a career in the corporate world, moving up the proverbial “ladder.” My unique perspective on my role as a coach is grounded in those experiences. During my career, I have been at the entry-level, mid-level and senior levels for companies both large and small. I have been a part of and contributed to many endeavors, managed many teams and projects as I grew as a manager and evolved into a successful leader. I created excellent alliances within each organization in which I’ve worked and have even come away with some lasting friendships.

As I look back at many of those years with pride and fondness, I think about both the ups and downs of my journey, and some of my own questions along the way:

  • How to get noticed and advance.

  • How to give my bosses exactly what they needed and expected.

  • How to communicate with stakeholders across the company, not just in my own proximity.

  • How to effectively present to executives and senior management.

  • How to swim in politically fragile, shark-infested waters.

  • How to give feedback, ask for feedback and receive feedback.

  • How to hire and be hired.

  • How to work with limited resources and get things done.

  • How to recover from mistakes.

  • How to deal with other people’s mistakes.

  • How to handle new or expanding leadership responsibilities.

  • How to know when it’s the right time to make a change.

The most valuable lesson I learned is that while “managing” is tactical, “leadership” is strategic and demands diligence, trust, open communication, accountability and excellent decision-making and problem-solving. These values, in today’s workplace, need to be more than just empty words. They need to be put into practice appropriately in order to be effective.


As a coach, my agenda is to be curious, listen and focus. Your agenda should be to bring your full and complete self to each conversation.

Together, we will work on answers to 3 big questions:

  • What is your situation and what got you here?

  • Why are your feelings and behaviors showing up the way they are?

  • How can you move ahead and create a better situation for yourself?


Many coaches work by trying to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful and already has all the answers within. While I also believe this to be true, I take a bit of a more pragmatic approach.

Certainly, asking high impact questions is critical to the fundamentals of coaching. But I also know that your choice to work with me was likely because of what I, too, can bring to the conversation. I share experiences of my own and provide guidance and advice when they represent opportunities to advance your agenda, which always remains front and center. I want you to benefit from the hard knocks that I’ve already been through. I want to use every means at our disposal so that your experiences with coaching and with me meet your expectations and will influence the change that you seek.


My philosophy is based on respect, partnership, integrity, concern, caring and results. But is also based on expertise and science. The foundations I depend on in our work are rooted in evidence-based coaching methodologies, the concepts of emotional intelligence and the fundamentals of personality theory. These foundations all contribute to answers to the “what,” “why” and “how” questions. The more you learn about yourself through examining your own feelings, beliefs and behaviors, the more you can facilitate your own change now and in the future. Further, I believe that the more you learn how to understand others in your environment, the more successful you can be in adapting to any situation for successful outcomes. The techniques I use have helped many others in the past, and they can help you too.


If you are a technology professional seeking to focus on your path forward in leadership, management and executive presence, I have a special interest in working with you. As someone who has successfully navigated a career in technology, you can rest assured that I am fluent in the concepts of agile development, devops, cloud technologies, services, software engineering and many others.

If you aren’t a technology professional, we can work together without getting specific about technology. The best-practices and tools we would use have universal application.

If you work with technology groups in your career and sometimes find it challenging to “keep up” or truly understand what’s most important, I can most definitely be a coach and guide in those areas.


After the coaching ends, my hope is that you will have learned some new things and have recognized areas within your life for further work. Life is a series of journeys and getting to each destination successfully takes patience and effort. Are you prepared for the ride you’re currently on or about to begin? If you are ready to make a commitment to coaching, we can navigate to those destinations together, while making sure to take care of you.

The best investments that you can make in life are in yourself. Don’t you deserve that?