Client Feedback

“I took several executive, professional and career coaching sessions with Ira. He was exactly the kind of coach I needed. Several years of corporate professional experience in executive roles with a focus on technology management. He was able to understand my problem context very well, step by step taking me through pragmatic solutions. He gave me interesting exercises in between sessions which helped me learn, how to approach a conundrum / conflict / challenge, the way seasoned professional do. His sessions are very focused, zoning in on the problem and arriving swiftly through a result oriented solution. They instill in you more confidence and self-esteem. He is very warm, flexible with schedules for sessions and approachable on any professional situation. I highly recommend Ira for individuals looking for executive and professional coaching, especially those in technology because he is also uniquely positioned to understand technology roles.”



“I recently began working with Ira to help me manage through some challenges associated with my new role. Ira’s coaching has helped me to significantly improve my resiliency and confidence in overcoming barriers. Together, Ira and I have developed strategies that I am confident will help me take my performance and career to a new level. Ira provides valuable guidance and perspective and his energy and passion is evident in every session. I highly recommend Ira’s executive coaching services.”



“I met Ira during a turbulent time in my career when I had ventured into consulting after being laid off. By asking thought-provoking questions and offering insightful guidance, Ira's coaching sessions helped me understand and formalize the value I had to offer and focus my efforts accordingly. I recently started a dream job and I largely attribute the confidence gained in my sessions with Ira to successfully navigating the interview process.”



“I was suffering from major anxiety after leaving my job where I was being harassed. The thought of applying to new jobs created so much panic. Ira helped me work through the anxiety, coach me through the application and interview process and land a new career.”



“I worked with Ira to help start a new business. Ira asked all the right questions as to how I planned on starting my business, keep track of my time and bills and how I planned on promoting myself. He helped by guiding me to figure out how to answer all those questions and help me build a successful organizing business. Ira was a pleasure to work with and is a wonderful coach!”



“At 56, I was at a juncture where I wanted to pursue a different career opportunity but was at an impasse. I didn’t know if I should continue to pursue the seemingly unattainable VP role, or go after a less demanding role that would take me gracefully into retirement in a few years. I worried that I’d look back in my retirement and regret my decision. I was stuck. 

Ira’s coaching expertise let me explore my aspirations and my values to get to the root of what truly mattered to me. Throughout the process, Ira was a thoughtful and compassionate listener, asked poignant questions, and together we created a path to achieve my goal. With newly found personal insight, Ira gave me the clarity and confidence to take the first step. I highly recommend Ira as an executive coach for his integrity,  pragmatism, easy communication style, and positive outlook. A big thank you, Ira!”