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I am a Certified Executive Coach and former technology executive and have been leading and coaching technology teams and individuals for over 30 years. Over the course of my career, I’ve grown from entry-level developer to CTO as part of organizations that range from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Leveraging my years of successful technology leadership and team-building, my outstanding record of successful project delivery, and the transformative work I’ve done at the organizational and process levels, I partner with individuals and groups as a results-oriented Certified Executive Coach.

I work with both I.T. and non-I.T. professionals to help them set and realize goals, improve their work environments and personal lives and develop tools to sustain positive change and learning, even after the coaching ends.

My coaching certification is from Columbia University in New York City, a leader in the field of executive coaching education (Why is certification important?). I am a member of the International Coach Federation. My full profile can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Are you a technology professional who…

  • has moved into or would like to move into a leadership role?

  • is thinking about advancing at your company or in your career?

  • feels challenged by your current work environment and would like to discover ways to improve it?

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Are you a technology leader who…

  • would like to introduce process or organizational changes?

  • is concerned about your team’s level of cohesion or can’t seem to motivate your team or keep them accountable?

  • works with people from other parts of the company who may not appreciate the nature and complexity of technology work?

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Are you a business leader or manager who…

  • wants to learn how to best collaborate with I.T. at your company?

  • would like to develop high performing cross-functional teams?

  • sees a need for some kind of transformative change at your company and would like to plan and/or implement it?

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Are you an executive who…

  • senses discomfort among team members and would like to best determine how to improve?

  • would like to influence the company culture to increase employee engagement and achieve better results?

  • would like to gain better understanding of technical matters, I.T. activities or processes?

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Need some help getting from one place to another? Try working with a coach!

Need some help getting from one place to another? Try working with a coach!



  • Transition to I.T. Leadership

  • Leadership effectiveness, executive presence and communication using Emotional Intelligence

  • Change Management - Facilitating Process Change

  • Leadership Team Cohesion

  • Personality type preference assessments

  • 360˚ review and feedback

  • Career advancement, résumé updates, interview practice

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